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rek (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2014 at 10:44pm
Music: charlotte martin water breaks stone
i'm here again, that means something's wrong.

i used to, do more
i used to, it used to try, be easy, letting go, or was it ever? do i even remember right?

you don't want me to talk to you anymore tonight. my phone is dead anyway. maybe there's something else that's greyed out, a plain surface, a flat sheet thin underneath my feet. things feel like they're changing but i'm really just too afraid to make it change myself.
do i patch this up? or am i just too afraid of getting depressed and falling into the deep and the waves overcoming, after being on my own?

Don't need the promise of heaven
Just faith I'll pass twenty seven

i've felt the worst today than i have in a long time.
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