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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2014 at 10:36am
Current mood: sick
Subject: Job Corps
After one year and seven months in the Job Corps system, my time is finally coming to an end. I worked at Amtrak in an internship for about four months and that was great, Tyler signed his contract with the Marines which is also great, and my father told us we could move in with him and my mother in New Hampshire. So on Friday, we will both be flying up and saying good bye to Job Corps forever. It has been a valuable life experience, not only because I met Tyler, but because I got to travel, gain a little more independence, hone in on what it means to be responsible and have a respectable work ethic. The structure if offered showed me that I never want to be stagnant again. I always want to be moving and working towards something. I opened up more to people and made some friends, even. It has been a valuable experience, but for many reasons, some I've already complained about, I am very glad that it will be over in two more days. I look forward greatly to having more adventures with Tyler in New Hampshire and seeing where else the journey of life will take me and what other kinds of things I'll experience.
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