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mintbones (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2014 at 11:40am
Subject: ]the war has not been lost[
i'm still here. forgot my credentials for a while, but was clever enough to keep them safe somewhere i'd find them eventually.

still in the same place i was. not doing the barely avoiding homelessness dance anymore. by the end of this year i expect to be out again, but working as a team this time, no longer fending for myself. a real apartment. a real place to call my own.

working at a different place than the last time i updated. thank god. but this place is full of its own shit. of course. i'm about ready to move on again after more than a year... some more secure employment would be a nice change. we'll see what comes to pass.

the biggest difference in this place is that i'm in good standing with the person on top. the people who abuse me are more or less inconsequential this time around. they don't hold the keys to my employment. so, it's hard, but i can ignore them.

regardless. it's still a shitty job and i have more than a list of complaints. some shit that i've had to put up with is borderline illegal, but i'm wise enough to know that making a scene would result in convenient ejection of the irritant from their job.

oh, and one more important note: i identify as male now. life happens so much, doesn't it?
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