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catatonicsean (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2015 at 1:55am
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Bal-Sagoth - Summoning the Guardians of the Astral Gate
The nascent get-back-into-shape regimen has commenced for wifey and I tonight. She wants to lose weight, and I don't want to be a weakling any longer. She does her thing, and I embarrass myself by overcompensating with the weights.

Fortunately, I remember how most of those dern contraptions work, despite not having set foot in a gym for at least thirteen years. When I was a freshman, I was a force to be reckoned with. Still got beat up and taunted, but I looked incredible with my shirt off.

Wifey-pants is on a tear to achieve superficial beauty, and I support her inasmuch as it remains of the healthy variety. I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and don't want her to go the route I've seen so many females go down on the mad search for an "ideal appearance." However, if she wants change, then I stand behind her.

Digression: She bought Stree Overlord for Valentine's Day as a suprise, and boy...lemme tell ya, I didn't notice it, but she referred to the sex as "crazy." I suppose inhibition was tossed to the wind, and chemical energy allowed for things typically reserved for those who never started smoking.

In a word - brilliant. Potentially dangerous mix of whatever and viagra for bulls, but certainly worth trying once, says I. Doubt it'll happen again, but it was worth the repercussions the next day.
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