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robbingnovember (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2015 at 10:09am
Some crazy shit went down last night!! Daniel did the thing he can't turn back from. So glad that he wasn't here this weekend and that my eyes are finally open to how much of a crazy sociopath he is. That took long enough! Daniel called me while with another girl so that I can confirm he is good in bed. HOW ultimately rude, hurtful, and crazy. What an utter lack of empathy and understanding. I can't believe I ever actually liked him. He is really damaged. It just scares me that I was open to his bullshit for so long. He provided so little positive reinforcement and I lapped it up. I need to deal with my unconscious bullshit! He is so not my person and I wasted my energy on him. Trying to get water out of a stone, my main tactic in love. I need to focus on how to change these patterns or else I will keep dating assholes like Daniel. This is serious!
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