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losrnancr (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2017 at 12:26am
Music: Conor oberst
Subject: It broke his heart and it made him old
I got a puppy. His name is buddy because I keep calling him little buddy anyway. I also call my boss little buddy, any friend I've ever had in the last ten years, coworkers, etc so not as generic as it seems. Anyway, he is an Australian shepherd. He was born October 19th 2016. He was saved by an Omaha rescue from a breeder in Missouri because the breeder was irresponsible and bred two Merle aussies, which has a high chance to make deaf and or blind white puppies. So buddy is blind in one eye and we aren't sure how good his hearing is, but I taught him to sit and he does it every time. He has pretty sky blue eyes, he's mostly white, but it looks like someone dropped tan paint over him. His nose is pink with a tan spot too. He's actually not the dog I went to the rescues distort home to get. I went for the all deaf one, but this one picked me I think. It wasn't about being deaf or not deaf, and I feel bad for not saving the deaf sweet boy. She said a lot of people signed up to see him though. Poor little thing. He was just too wild and crazy did. This one is really calm (for now) and sweet and is more lap dog. He's the middle upper for size in the litter and they said his temperament is in the middle. He just wants to come sit on your lap when you're around. I feel bad having to leave him while I work tomorrow but I'm going to come see him on lunch for a few months. Anyway.

These shootings are getting insane the world has lost its mind. Now it happened in Omaha. In my work parking lot. I feel like I say this a lot, but why did I have to be born into this generation?

I wanted a puppy to say I did something with myself. I didn't set out to be a hero and save a special needs boy, but I guess that's half way what happened. I dropped about 300 bucks on a crate, bed and some (a lot) of doggy toys of all different sounds, textures, and sizes.

I don't think Egypt was real, idk I just can't wrap my head around it. There is just no way the same humans we are now made any of that.
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