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robbingnovember (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2017 at 10:41pm
Music: Yaz
Subject: Only you
After reading through years of past journals and laughing and feeling bad for being so mean and hopeless.. isn't it kind of funny that I could have actually been with the person I wanted to be with the most and I threw it away!!?!?!?! I fucking threw it away!
If that doesn't keep ya up at night, what does?
Years ago, I said, "but it never ends"... but what if it does? What if it did?
I thought we were connected by an invisible (somehow) red string. I believed in that more than anything else.
What if we never talk again? Will this be the last thing I ever write about him? Does he know I still think about him constantly? That I'm sorry, but I just wasn't ready? That I honestly don't think we would work out anyway, but I still want to try?
I'm haunted, man.
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