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koalalady (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2017 at 10:03pm
Current mood: content
Music: Peaky Blinders
Subject: year's review
Lot happened in the last twelve months. Let's see...

1) Flipped tf out at New Year's last year after evidence of S's drug problem retroactively resurfaced (a compromising story from the past...he hasn't relapsed to my knowledge).

2) But after that, things started getting better. I mellowed out. I don't know that I really reached a place of deeper understanding or release or forgiveness or whatever the hell you want to call it. But I've been letting it go. We're doing pretty alright now. Enough that...

3) We talked about getting engaged. I've talked about it before with a few people in my life. Child's play. This feels no different. This year I wrote: I do NOT want to get married, emphatically, at least four times. So. What am I doing? How can something feel so right and so...unnatural at the same time?

4) In non- S.O. news, I got another church gig. It feels ironic now, like every Sunday I'm in my own private comedy show. It's been nine months now, and I haven't told anyone there anything personal about me. At. All. Nothing heavy, nothing happy or hopeful, nothing real. I've never not opened up about my life to a church community before...I wonder if/how things would change if I did.

5) In other work developments, I started teaching. Both piano and voice, at the studio that I also currently take lessons at. It's been delightful. Doesn't feel like work at all. It is, in some ways, healing me.

6) Between my three jobs, I now actually make money. I ran the numbers for next year, and I actually might break $40k (before 1099 taxes). I have NEVER been this wealthy. I am AMAZED at how much better my quality of life is with more money to spend on things I need/want...I can afford a therapist. I can afford a gym membership, AND a yoga membership. I can afford all my groceries, medication, rent. I can afford to not have a shitty retail/service job. I have time to sleep and cook and clean. I can take myself out for lunch, and I can even finance my art. I might even be able to afford to travel in 2018. It's...incredible to not be panicking about finances on a weekly basis.

7) Cut down on my drinking for vocal health/to help with weight loss/save money/stop killing brain cells/not feel like garbage with a hangover in the morning.

8) Watched an eclipse.

9) Spent a week vacationing in Nashville.

10) Basically kept my company's business running while some stuff went down behind the scenes.

11) Stopped talking to my mother.

12) Ate so many delicious things in Columbus.

13) Fell more in love with life again.

14) Made contact with my old bff, my old voice teacher, and my old high school heartthrob on FB. It kind of felt like...closure. Completely released, for me. He got engaged two weeks later.

15) Kept plugging way at the [$!@#] Gershwin.

16) Finished my 5-year-diary project.

17) Started cooking...and enjoying it?!!?!

18) Started running down at the trail.

19) Join an a capella group...and left it. Artistic differences.

20) Decided to move tf out of this place. Yay. Something to look forward to after one final summer here.

I think that covers the major events. It's been a pretty good year.

Merry Xmas
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