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goodbye (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2019 at 1:09pm
I feel so far from the person I used to be. I keep looking at my life... all the things I could have done by now... all the time I wasted...

The moments I best used were moments I will never have again. I keep thinking back to childhood and having sleepovers with Anna and Lizzie. We would go to the mall and then find our way back to one of our houses and would play video games or draw or pretend.

Since experiencing it, I've been regarding college as the best time of my life but I think those years, despite the responsibility of trudging along in classes, being 12 was probably the best time.

Maybe I can vote for 12 and 23... because who is really counting?

I would love to make my life like that again - nights with rights, constant hangouts, all the other stresses of the world falling away with the giggle fits we would get into... But we're so far apart and so involved in our own lives.

Growing up is dying and the times we are the happiest end long before we have a chance to realize they're even there.
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