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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2003 at 6:15pm
Current mood: pleased
Music: Godsmack-Keep Away
Subject: heehee
Hello, How are you today? I love this song! i'm pleased with myself. i did so well today. I put on a perfect act, and I got my bio homework done in band and I did good on the test, and I did pretty good on my poster that took me 10 minutes to make last night. heehee. they probably know damnit. I think I scared a couple people in golf which is kinda weird cuz I haven't done that in a long time. and some other things from the a couple months ago are reliving themselves. It's great. I'm happy. tomorrow is a half day. I think it should be the second half. don't you? yeah of course you do. haha. sorry. well, bye now. toodle-ooh heehee
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