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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2003 at 11:27pm
Current mood: awake
Music: Bloody Valentine
Subject: Hmm
Am I messing up what I've been doing or am I making the right choices? I'm thinking I've been messing things up, and I don't want to...I'm sick of hurting people or things. Sometimes I don't want to meet people because I fear I might hurt them in the future. Heh, yeah...more of addisons personal over analyzing problems revealed!

Yup. So I was at Nates this weekends...again. I'm starting to feel sorry for his parents. His mom doesn't care I'm there, but his dad obviously sends off vibes he doesn't want me there. Thats fine. Nowadays I return the vibes. But, the main point of why I'm saying I was there is because I had a dream...this one was actually simple. Its been a long time since I claimed I had a simple dream. This one just showed me interacting with various people...that was it...but it opened a few things up for me.
Don't understand? Well, you're probably stupid, but I'll break it down for you.
For example, chris and katie kept making out, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, so I finally got pissed and left. They followed me and kept asking, "hey, whats wrong?", and I finally shot back, "Well, WTF do you think is wrong?" Then chris gave me his usual, I have no control over the situation speech that he ALWAYS gives, and it pisses me off.
*Atman checks his checklist, first bridge burned*
Some of the things struck me as true and others kinda surprised me. Some were funny. Me and moe were snowboarding, cuz apprantly I learned how, and it was quite entertaining...two stoners doesn't get better than that. Moe hit a jump, and did a good job, but failed terribly at the was quite funny. We both eventually turned into us calling each other stupid and hitting each other.
The one with Raych was depressing...not cuz she is, but what she was doing, to be honest. I won't go into details, obviously. Although she'll probably ask me later.
Some of it was arguing and fighting, which was cool. Me and armstrong had an argument...great fun. The punk launched into an argument about how young kids these days don't respect their elders, and how bad we can be.
Wow. I wish I could have video typed myself.
I launched back with how his generation never stopped us from doing that stuff and how they continue to sponser it, and how adults don't respect kids, either. It was a big grand argument, but I've taken up WAY too much space for this entry I'm sure people with short attention spans aren't reading this part.
Lastly...I kinda wanna talk about what happened to jackie...but I shouldn't. She can ask me about it later too, I guess. If she cares.
So, thats my dream...that probably took up WAY too much space on your friends page...oh well, not my problem...ILYTL

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