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kit_Katt (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2003 at 9:43pm
Current mood: Blah, like cheap vanilla icecream. Its just kinda
Music: Blue Skies-Point of Grace
Hm, do you think I could get my book published by the end of this year? That is kinda moving the date up a little bit, since I had originally planned late spring next year. But I suddenly want to get it done. And it has been going so well, that I'm starting to wonder.....*shakes head* that's too far into the future to be wondering about now. Maybe I will clue you guys in later, but it really has nothing to do with any of you, well not really, only one inparticular, but you don't know her. Anyway, I have again been faced with choices, which really has become no surprise. That's why God gave us free will, so we could make our own choices. Some sound like really good ideas, but then, I might just be excited over the prospect of change. So I'm going to keep quiet about them, until I'm sure. (Which could be months from now.) But I am hoping to have decided by next summer, because that is when they would hopefully take place.

Well enough ramblings, later days!


P.S. I like mint chocolate chip icecream better.
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