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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2002 at 10:41pm
Current mood: Powerful
Music: The future
Subject: He he
I went to the sports banquet tonight. It sucked, but at least Spud was there for comic relief. Hey Spud, I'm sure beans or anyone else could pick this up, but we is it that all your lady friends ignore my existence sometimes? Sugarmouse doesn't, danibeans usually doesn't..... Ok, bad examples. It just seems like sometimes they see through me. I'm not saying everyone look at me, I just would like to be noticed. I'm a real human bieng weth digntiy. Eye wnt reespcet. Seriously, I want respect...Oh shit, I just spilled some lemonade on the keyboard. Moving on, I got home and checked my e-mail.
To find out someone thinks I'm Spuds admirer! UGH. Someone shoot me. Good god, geez. Bad images. Bad images.

AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH........ Bad, awful, horrible, terrible, crappy, ugly, fugly, and weird images.

MAKE THE PAIN STOP. I quickly responding by taking some drugs and passing out. Twenty minutes later I recovered, but saw the screen and had a five minute spasm. Then I realized that old starburst I found in my backpack that I ate wasn't really a starburst. Anyway, I just decided on something. I'm going out and finding a spider-man pic! Sweetness. I must prepare for my journey through the harsh harsh web. Ha. Thats kind of a pun. You see, spidey spins webs and... Oh screw it. Must check supplies.
Floppy Disk check
Food check
Pop check
Book for extended periods of waiting due to crappy computer.... check
Alice in chains cd check
Alright, I'm moving out. Wish me some good luck. Seriously, everyone has good luck. Give some away. I'll explain my theory on luck tomorrow.... If I make it.
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