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sugarpeep (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2003 at 3:57pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: Incubis
Subject: There's something about the way you move, I see your mouth in slow motion as you sing.

Ya…. Couple things.  I’ve got the bestist boyfriend in the world now. He makes me terribly happy. Name’s Aaron and he lives in Holland… Michigan… Yah. Remember when someone asked Angy where she was from, and she said Holland.. and they said, “What’s it like over there?” and she’s like, “Just like here… more west and a bit south.” That Holland. People. Anyway. Yep. I like him. =^v^= Um.. still in Dave’s game.. and Erin (Krystal)’s game. I love those games to bits. I’ll be quitting Jason’s game because.. well.. personal reasons. Not you Jason! I wubbest you! *pet pets and offers much chocolate* Right. Starting my own game for fall semester. I’ll be taking much bio courses. -.-; dear gods help me. Um… let’s see.. what else. My roomate is driving me up the walls.. but you all knew that. A communications major that won’t talk. *shakes head* Ahwell. Whatcha gonna do? So… I’m happier then I’ve been since I moved from Toledo. *snugs das Aaron* Heh.. okay.. I’ll quit. Um.. Main art page hosted by hosea is no more. He had to delete it. Grar.. so I’m stuck with crummy elfwood. I miss my degu! Hehe. Haven’t taken any fun tests lately. Just the naughty kitten one. Yay for naughty kittens. I love kittens. They’re so cute and cuddly.. till they attack your ankles at night.. and that’s not so fun… hmm..
I love Degus!

Mreep! My Pals! Nova, Syris, Vantid, Eldarath, Gonard, and Nauta Ceta. You all mean so much to me :)
Elfwood Art
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This immage made by Nova Wolfy! And hosted by Ciatol!!

Picture of the day! =^v^= NOVA ART. Yay.

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