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Wangusspaz00 (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2002 at 10:36pm
Current mood: confused
Music: Alien Ant Farm-Movies
Subject: The time passes
First day back to school after Christmas Break..Alot of things happened that I didnt know about. I never hear alot of things 'til the end anway.

My old girlfriends boyfriend broke up with her. Oppurtunity opened? Who knows. I should probably get over her, It most likely wont happen. I'm too afraid, I get shy around girls and cant do a thing..I'll just wait 'til High School and see what happens. What else .. What else..Well I still haven't found my cd case, with all my cds in it. Lets see..I missed a party over Chritmas Break cause I couldnt' find a ride...

The time passes and people just keep on going..

"I want you, to be free. Don't worry about me. And just like, the movies, We play out our last...scen"

Lets see if this works..I think thats right.
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