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mystery (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2003 at 11:40am
Current mood: accomplished
i am hereby celebrating the fact that my now-more-than-two-weeks-overdue-5-page-paper is now 2 1/2 pages long, the fact that the sun is shining, the fact that i really love the whole human race, and the fact that that car alarm finally shut up around two this morning and i was able to get some sleep. i am celebrating this by reading two chapters of daniel pinkwater's "young adult novel" and writing this livejournal entry. i am proud of me.

i am also a little bit nuts today.

i wish my paper was completely done, because then i could set some of my yarn like i've been wanting to do for months, and then i could actually, like, knit something with it in the forseeable future. i skeined one ball of it yesterday, which is major progress. unfortunately, i had to wind it around the rockers of my upside-down rocking chair, and it's going to stay there till i set it, so i a. don't have a rocking chair and b. have this big wooden thing taking up lots of space on my floor. hopefully this situation will provide motivation for me to set my yarn, like, this weekend. except there's also that other paper that i have to start writing this weekend. the one i haven't done any research for yet. yeah, that. hmm.

at any rate, i think i've given myself enough of a break. now i'm going to eat the rest of that sushi that i bought from those people selling sushi door-to-door a few days ago (what a crazy world), and then keep writing on research paper #1.
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