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mystery (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2003 at 5:37pm
Subject: this is not healthy
shit, shit, shit. somebody tell my mind to just shut the fuck up. oh wait, people have done that, there is every single good reason in the world that i ought to just get over this already, but you know what, IT'S NOT WORKING! maybe there's a curse on me. note to self: starting to believe that shantida has put a curse on me (kinda like the one i put on trina shepard years ago and have been trying to take off ever since) will not help anything. still, it's an intriguing idea... i need to stop having intriguing ideas. i need to stop feeling giddy and hysterical and wanting to laugh and cry simultaneously. FUCK THIS, MY LIFE WAS TOO DAMN COMPLICATED ALREADY, I DON'T NEED MORE CONFUSION AND CHAOS!
note to self: i hate spring. i'm going to start blaming it. what's the date today? march 31st? that was easter last year. i took a long walk down a dirt road and got my shoes muddy and sang to myself. it was the first warm weekend and i was high as a kite without any chemical assistence. maybe there's something to the theory about emotions and events being planted in days and reappearing annually. fucking end of march. tell it to go 'way.
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