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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2002 at 11:06am
Current mood: bored
Music: none
I'm sitting here in BST or as most will call it Bull Shit Training. I hate this class because I learn nothing new in it. All it is is just teaching about computer applications and what not. I know the most of that stuff anyways. I'm sitting here while other people give their powerpoint presentations. I did mine last week so that isn't a big deal, I did good. But now I'm bored just listening to evveryone else's annoying voices. This really really sucks. I wish that I could be sleeping at the moment, that would be nice. Oh well, I guess that will just deal with it like I do every fricken day. I'll live so it's not that bad. Well I'm going to go and try to fight to stay awake.
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