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kit_katt (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2003 at 9:32pm
Subject: Tara wanted an update...
Ryder sat and watched Abigail fittle with the carved wooden flute in her hands. He was still amazed at how different she looked, how, boyish. Every curve, though Abigail was far from overshapely, was well hidden behind the baggy breeches, the loose, blousy shirt, and trim vest. To him though, every action, every pore of her body still screamed femininity.
"People see what they want to see," She had told him on the docks. "They see my short hair and manner of dress, and assume I am a boy. They don't take second looks, they just take a glance and think they know all there is to know."
Ryder had prayed that she was right about it, and she had been. Max had never given her a second glance, nor had Captain Grey. He sighed and Abigail glanced up at him.
"Somthing wrong?" She asked, still toying with the hand-carved flute.
"No, just thankful, I suppose." Ryder responded, still studying her form, though not in a provocative way. Abigail nodded in understanding.
"Yes, God has truely blessed us so far, let's hope that His light will continue to shine on us." Ryder nodded in agreement, and went back to his own widdling. It was a crude form of a whale, not nearly completed, but it had the startings of a great work of art. Abigail watched him for a moment, before bringing her flute to her lips, making her own art with the hollow notes as they floated through the empty cabin.

Ryder is Abigail's best (and really only) friend. He is one year older then her, and as soon as he found out about her expodition, he demanded that he go along to protect her. Now, he is simply Ryder, and everyone assumes that he is "Abe Bost's" older brother, just as they assume that Abigail is a boy. Like it Tara? I'll give you more later.

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