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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2002 at 8:09am
Current mood: pensive
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Subject: Rating the year
I usually just rate my year in my head, but it would be amusing to do it on woohu.

1.Lost friend-Dan Reed
2.Earned friend-Sugarmouse
3.Person that needed a serious beating-TIE Tony Saco, this person uses woohu, so, I won't say it, due to the fact that I don't want my ass kicked.
4.Wierdest Friend-Spud (Landslide)
5.Are you real? Friends-plainmornings, slicksurf16, and Tony Vicarri. I haven't PHYSICALLY seen either plain or surf, but Tony ACTS like he wants to know me...Or my body. LOL.
7.Girlfriend-Um...yeah, I have too many to name. Damnit, still single after another year...
8.Wanted girl-Uses woohu, and I'm too shy.
9.Wierdest situation-Good god, too many to list. Maybe the passing out at band, but there are many follow-ups.
10.Coolest upperclassmen-Gunnie Rueben and Cory Hoffeman
11.Biggest Archenemy-Maybe David French
12.Annoyer-Joel Siefken. (landslide)
13.Biggest moment of achievement-Uhhhhhh... I don't know. Suggestions, anybody?
14.Bonehead manuever-Again, too many to list.
15.Best Reversal-Spun Kelly Edly around from hating my company to being able to deal with it.
16.Person that deserves a hand-Lance VanOrder. Nobody really seems to respect or see him.
17.Worst teacher-Boomer. and I'm in her class now. lol.
18.Best teacher-None, they all really were ok to deal with.
19.Best Coach-Marco, the ayso coach. Sabinas is a tight second.
20.Dumbass friend- Spud takes the cake yet again.
21.Weird relationship-Lance VanOrder.
22.Just get the f*ck away!-Brendan Kenney. The stupid punk won't leave me alone and keeps trying to talk to me.
23.Why can't I be acknowledged?-ANY of Spuds "Girlfriends".
24.Most Tempting time to hit someone-Any time at all where Ryan Gorter talked.
25.This is me, kickin your ass-When I beat Edly at the 800. Wasn't that achieving. I'm sure he could have done better.
26.Too eager-Band camp. Never get yourself too hyped up.
27.Personal thoughts toward self-Still feel transclusent to a lot of people, but thats ok. Didn't do shit for sports this year, but again, I'll get better at it. I really hope to improve with the trombone after Tony and Klem leave. I'm going to practice hard (Depending on my level of laziness)
28.Best Friend-I guess Spud. Nates cool but, hrrrmmm. God, to hard to pick. Although Spuds been more helpful. and nice.
29.People met on woohu-Slicksurf and plainmornings
30.Reckless time-Maybe today when I was (sort of) bragging on finshing my drivers training segment 2 infront of someone who failed.
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