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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2002 at 11:22am
Current mood: pissed off
Yeah, I'm sitting here in this fucking class doin' nothing at all. I know that Laura is around somewhere and can't wait until lunchtime so that I can just see her. I know that I don't talk about her a lot and that's alright but I do love her more than anything that is on this earth and do hope that someday I will be able to join her in marriage. I can't get on the internet so I have to write this out this way. I have nothing to study in this fucking class so I have to sit here and be bored out of my fucking mind. I want to be able to do something, not just sit here and listen to all these people talk to their friends that are here in class with them. I don't really know anyone that is class but I do know a few. The few that I know are always talking to their friends so I sit here and do nothing but think to myself. Anyway, aside from my boring ass life, nothing ever happens. I think that the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last month is when I got bit by my dog. I had a hole in my hand that was probably about halfway through my hand. It was fun because I have never been bit by a dog before. The joys some people get from pain. I'm not one of those people that are like that; I really don't like pain to be honest with ya. So you can see that there is nothing exciting in my life. That's me, standup and sit back down because there ain't shit to do. I do need to get a job though. I'm working on that problem but not very hard. I don't want to get a job but I do want to have money to buy a car with. IF ANYONE IS GOING TO SELL THEIR CAR SOMETIME THIS SUMMER< CONTACT ME BECAUSE I'M LOOKING FOR ONE. This is a big hint, from me to you, to sell your car so that I can buy it from you. LOL!!! Oh well don't worry about me, I will get a car soon enough. I'm going to sit here for the rest of class and be bored now. Later!
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