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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2003 at 11:45am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: stupid freakin toot toot beep beep song on the radio
Subject: ive got sunshine....
Alright so..yesterday was a not so good day. but the weather is awesome today and i have to figure out a reason to get out of the house. Im going to olivet tonight with melissa to visit staci...which shoul dbe interesting..i cant belive shes in a sorority but then again out of any of my freinds i suppose shes the most fitting to the stereotype..hmm i wonder if we have to hang out with those girls tonight..(things that make you go hmmmm). well anyways, im filling out some college aps. today. i did 2 yesterday Grand Valley and Adrian. im doing Calvin right sucks how i dont really want to go to anywhere but the ones that are most appealing are in the 20 grand+ level...grr. Im considereing applying to Western again too i dont know the campus was pretty wheni went like 2 weeks ago..but im just not sure..i think it will be just like Central..Its funny how im just applying to everywhere i got into last year..haha i wish i could just call them up and be like..hey ive only done one semester of college since your records and i did bad so....uhh let me in anyways..or something like that.. yeah. thats it for now, i think

time to go pry into other ppl that i dont knows buisness ..isnt that what this is here for?:)
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