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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2003 at 5:47pm
Music: tv
Subject: o yeah
and i forgot. i listened to Dustins Cd yesterday..IM suprised to actually like a few of the songs. like..alot. so thats cool. i mean i knew that those guys were talented..but its pretty cool to see they have such a following..I was reading around in this thing going BSC? who is that? lol i was thinking Broken Sunday...something with a speaking of whihc i saw the drummer of that band last week at jenison at my performance..pretty cool..but anyways and then i put 2 and 2 together...yeah. it just takes some time. haha. but like i said its nice that this is actually workin gout for him..i remembered when he couldnt even play anything on his guitar and BOb would tease him..whos eating his words now? :) well anyways. im getting ready for olivet..o yeh and i went back to my old high school today..weeird. everythings differnt. lots of the same ppl. it was nice to see some of the old staff again. how sad is it that i want to go back to my high school? grr o well at least im getting in some colelge apps about having a scattered brain today..sheesh. i'll write later
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