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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2003 at 3:25pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Children of Eden-The Spark of Creation (reprise 1)
Subject: rotflmao
haha listen to this, i didnt even really mean it to be funny:

Horseeyoregal: *shiver*
FPBabe17: ?
Horseeyoregal: it really is hella freaky that i wud think of that window thing
FPBabe17: ya, it is
Horseeyoregal: but i'm sorting of looking at it as 'old melissa' and 'new melissa'
FPBabe17: haha
Horseeyoregal: cuz i just cant see myself making out with him...its like not me
Horseeyoregal: its 'old melissa'
Horseeyoregal: bd
Horseeyoregal: before darin
Horseeyoregal: now its ad
Horseeyoregal: after darin
FPBabe17: hahaha
FPBabe17: hahahahaha
Horseeyoregal: yup
Horseeyoregal: hehe
FPBabe17: lol
Horseeyoregal: haha
Horseeyoregal: ok that was funny
Horseeyoregal: i'm posting it
FPBabe17: thats hilarious
FPBabe17: im putting it in my profile
Horseeyoregal: ok
Horseeyoregal: hehe

hehehe B.D., A.D. its great. funny stuff. (hehe nicole)
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