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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2002 at 1:12pm
Music: Incubus - Battlestar Scralachtica
Subject: cool song
Robby told me to write a song because we needed one.

so here it is:

The Love Song

I was in town one night
nothing could bring me down
I had her waist in sight
but I'm as low as the ground
I wanted to say something
but I thought I would be wrong
it is a useful thing
to not stutter long

Hey there
I think I love you
Hey there
I think I love you
We can see
black monkey in zoo
And read
the life we've been through
hey there, I think I love you

And then I check my hair
as if it does me good
I make sure it sticks up right
although it seems absurd
to chase a girl around
kiss her big rear end
the story of Romeo
as did drop his Juliet


Maybe I'm real bad
at what I try to do
But i guess that I'll find a way too
be on the road of love again
and this time it is no sin
she sneers at me sinfully
makes me feel like I can be
the one who get's the attention
and get's the girl that I want

Chorus x2

and that's it, tell me what you think, or if I can change anything.

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