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Holiday (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2002 at 6:55pm
Current mood: extremely happy and completed
Music: dashboard confessional-again i go unnoticed
this song is awesome...
oh, okay, here goes!
Last night was the awesomest night of my life, and jessi's life. Well, that's the conclusion we came to. We went to that concert which was totally cool. We got to ferris state (me, andy, jessi, and keegan) and ended up waiting in line for an hour without coats, but andy shared his sweatshirt w/me -sweet :)
yeah, i love him...
oh yeah, well, we finally got in after getting searched and everything and Default was playing
( i love that band!)
yeah, so we go to the bleachers and stand for a while and jess and i are like, "this is kinda boring, let's go mosh!"
so we went into the pit and the guys followed. Well, Nickelback finally came on and keegan is the first to go crowd-surfing because the rest of us are scared. so he goes, comes back alive, and tells us to do it. i'm like "oh...i don't know" but then jess does it and i decided that it's been both are dreams to do it so i go. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
these college guys lift you up, throw you in the air on top of everyone, and you move towards the stage. WOW! i love it. Then Andy went too.
it was our first concert and definitely NOT our last!!!!
it was so surreal. i mean, you see them on national t.v. and then you were only feet away from them, we were so close you could see the sweat on their faces! :) ha
On their Canadian tour this is the only state they stopped in cuz it the tour was almost over. When the concert was done, we were all deaf and tired and hot but we had the time of our, i love concerts...
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