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brandi52_lp (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2003 at 5:18pm
Current mood: happy
hey guys! so, how's everyone's day going? Mine hasn't been the greatest...not too bad either...average I guess. BUT...guess what?! me and Phil have been together 3 months!!!....and I'm sooo happy cause I love him and he hasn't dumped me yet!! lol. anyways..just thought y'all should know that. hmm...I'm gonna be gone allll day tomorrow...from 6am to 9pm!! I'm going w/ my youth group to some youth day thing at a college in hopefully that'll be pretty fun. It should be cause my good ole buddies Laura and Phil are gonna be there. and I might go somewhere tonight but I don't know yet. but anyways...YESSS....6 weeks of school left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then I'm not gonna be a stupid little freshmen anymore! I'll move right on up to being a stupid little sophomore....what a privelege!! lol. well...maybe it's not THAT exciting..but gotta try to have some optimism in no-win situations like that right? Right, that's what I thought. lol. Anyways, I'm gonna get going now. So I'll talk to you guys later and I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! bye!
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