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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2003 at 6:55pm
Current mood: Awsome
Music: Linkin Park
Subject: I Dont Know!
Well this weekend was boring. . . but I got to see kenny again . . that was the best part of my weekend. we watched a movie and I had fun!! Anywho then me and julie went shopping but I didnt get anything (which was GAY) but she got this totally awsome hat and it looks sooooooo great on her too . . . It suits her! I hope her and darling get hooked up he is waaay better then brad and he is a very great guy I could really see them being together. . .they fit each other! Well to all that went to prom I hope you had a smashing time. because I was at home all night being very bored and arguing with my dad. so yeah ~ i am gonna go now. . . Later
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