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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2003 at 9:21pm
Current mood: unfeely
I'm trying to find my Neo
have you seen him?
I don't know what he looks like
or what his personality is
but all i know is that
he's the One
the prophetess told me so.

She told me
when i first woke up
from the drugged sleep i was in
a mere battery
in the matrix of life.

The prophetess told me
as i stood in her kitchen
trying not to fidget
knowing i was still in the dream world
"you will fall in love with
the One"
she said
looking wise like a grandmother
in her apron while cooking her
sugar cookies in the oven.

I just stood there
shocked and confused
as she offered me a warm cookie
fresh from the oven.
I knew that the cookie
really wasn't there
but i couldn't help but wonder
if she was just joking
that i wouldn't fall in love with the One.

So i went back to the ship
and buried what she said
in my pile of memories,
not knowing that it would come true.

Then i met Neo
Morpheus told me to get him
and my heart cracked
i began to care about him
and i began to believe in the One.

Have you seen my Neo?
I think i lost him
in the flight from the Agents to the ship.
I'm afraid
that he's gone...
gone forever...

And i never got
to tell him
"i love you"
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