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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2002 at 8:47pm
Current mood: blank
Subject: what is this world anymore?
mikeymcdermed: wuslity over quantity is the way friendships should go.
mikeymcdermed: for anyone.

volleyballchix8: she thinks i'm a bad, horrible person
exitboot: Yep
volleyballchix8: i am... in her eyes
exitboot: Yep
volleyballchix8: yet different in other peoples...
exitboot: That's the way the world works.
exitboot: Or if you're like me.. Everyone loves you..
volleyballchix8: i wish everyone loved me
volleyballchix8: but it seems like no one does
exitboot: No you don't.
volleyballchix8: i think everyone would like to be loved
exitboot: :shrugs:
volleyballchix8: so why wouldn't i want everyone to love me
exitboot: Because it sucks.

being loved.. i think.. is a certain privilage that the fortunate ones get to have. if your lucky, you get to love someone and have them love you back. what a thing... to have someone you love, love you just as much back. that... would be the most wonderful thing. but i'm looking to hard.

mikeymcdermed: i guess.
mikeymcdermed: but.
volleyballchix8: but what?
mikeymcdermed: its not something that should be tried to be obtained.
volleyballchix8: tis true
mikeymcdermed: its something that niether side tries to find.
mikeymcdermed: but does.
volleyballchix8: i think that yes... i am to young to love.. but at the same time.. when something feels right... then..
mikeymcdermed: nope.
mikeymcdermed: love has no age limit.
mikeymcdermed: maturity yes.
volleyballchix8: i don't think my person exists
mikeymcdermed: your wrong.
mikeymcdermed: by deduction thier is on efor everyone.
volleyballchix8: but i he has to love me in return
mikeymcdermed: they may not be perfect but statistically they are better than everyone else.
mikeymcdermed: so there is one person for everyone.
mikeymcdermed: no shit.
volleyballchix8: yeah.. that's why it's hard
mikeymcdermed: not really.
mikeymcdermed: you just have to look in the right places.
volleyballchix8: well i must be looking too hard then
volleyballchix8: gosh.. i'm so neive

have a good night guys.
friends... you know who you are... even if it doesn't seem like it all the time, i love you. i'm always thinking about you, and always loving you guys. you all know that my friends are my everything. so even if it doesn't seem like it... i do... i do love you. good night
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