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OrfWasHere (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2003 at 5:15pm
Current mood: hot
Music: the Suicide Machines
Subject: Cram it up your ass

gah. air conditioner = broken ):
it wasn't so bad last night, because I have the only room in the house with a ceiling fan, score, but now in this late afternoon-midevening time of the day it really sucks. Luckily one of my dads clients runs a commertial refrigeration company, and is gonna hook us up. It's too fucking hot in here damnit!

So today was interesting. most of my classes were empty due to the large amount of juniors taking the english exam. lucky me. I did nothing almost all day. History was the greatest tho. The three of us that were in class today got to watch Family Guy and listen to crappy 80's rock. Its soo great to have teachers that are only about 10 years older than you.

I also found out that that Caroline girl in my jazz band class is Robert Szabo's sister (Abe, from the bus). She got all crepped out when I told her more than she ever wanted to know about her brother. hehe.    Yes, so that was my very uneventful day. The Simpsons are on

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