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lookatmemynameisdustin (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2003 at 6:13pm
dear robby (in reply to your most recent entry),
we obviously need to talk. that was a fucking joke about the other band (ithink i made that very clear by inviting you and kevin to join) and then i proceded to say things like "i dont like the music we play" because its the fucking truth we wrote all those songs in a hurry and theres so many problems with them there horrible. also this bullshit with jeff and sam i CANT FUCKING BELIVE nobody was telling me about (i know the people who were there). i know i did some bad shit to jeff but him doing that to me makes him a better person? and if anybody thinks im a badguy in this situation ... fuck you...fuck jeff...fuck everyone who i thought would be a good enough person to tell me, and didnt,fuck you
and if you were just going to wait till i came and apoligised to you thats pretty stupid if youre giong to have a problem with me say something dont have me going back and forth between stupid letters

common fucking courtesy
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