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orfwasHERE (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2003 at 1:29pm
Current mood: good
Music: 311!
Subject: Control mechanisms from essay #2 can blow me
So yea, ap bio wasn't that bad. not that bad at all. Sucha surprise.
And I didn't study at all!
I think I only answered about 85 questions, which isn't bad because those were questions I knew were right. The essays were pretty easy, except for #2. That question can fucking blow me... and also the chi-square one. I haven't done chi-square in two years, so I likely did the math wrong, but oh well. I answered the question right. I'm pretty sure I passed.

We finished about 20 mins before school got out, so i went over to subway and got a madd good sub. I was soo hungry. I went to cd connection after I got off the bus, and totally scored two used 311 cds. Thats pretty rare, Transistor and From Chaos, used. Good score. Listening to them put me in a good mood.

So friday and saturday were great. thanks Dave, Steph, and Sara. you all are awesome to the extreme.

"Stabilizing the world's entropy by never doing anything,"
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