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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2003 at 12:16am
Current mood: giddy
Music: NFG~My Friends Over You
Subject: God Damn Clouds
So Yea....yesterday ended up being one of the worst days at my job EVER!! I got so busy so quickly that I felt like my insides were gonna boil over with fury. But then one of my bosses came in and ask me if I was gonna change my hours soon and if I found another job and I said I wasnt sure yet but that I needed to do something bc I cant stand having to count out my pennies and he said he would talk to Lisa my other boss that I work with all day long about giving me a raise !!! WOOHOOO!!! So atleast the day ended well....I was talking to Eric and decided to go spend the night up there with sort of get a way from here and calm I got there and he made me was very good....I am not a big seafood eater so its rare to see me eat it besides batter dipped cod from chicken town woot woot hahaha...but yea he made me pasta with carrots, corn, brocolli, garlic and shrimp....i ate the whole thing...mmm mmm good ...thanks babe hehe...then we watched some will and grace and i counted down the minutes till the lunar when I got the Eric's there was a clear shot if the moon right in his parking lot ...and two hours later it was like the fukin clouds took over the sky,....god damn smog and shit up in was so cloudy...we drove around for an hour on bridges and shit to try and see it ....i was so upset...if ya'll dont know already...I'm Leanne and I am a BIG NERD for astronomy....ask Stef and Gillian night me and Gillian stayed up all night long about a year or so ago and watched the meteor shower...gosh I wish I stuck with school....ugh enough of that...I work hard every day depressed babble...I look damn good today...I feel good today...and its gonna stay that way....I think its the music....I am rockin up a mix cd I made with NFG, Jimmy Eat World...The Ataris OLP...Audiovent...and Tonic...I must say Jimmy Eat World REALLY MAKES ME WANNA DANCE....and oh yea...who has sweetness as a ring tone...oh yea u know it so yea I left Eric's at like 650 and got home around 750 and slept till about 920 so hes supposed to come down here tonight ...and were most likely gonna hit up Rhi's prom Miss Rhi she is soo beautiful...if you read this babe I love you...whens our wedding >>> yea we just ordered lunch from Pudgys and mmm Pudgy Wudgies mmm theres nothing in the world like a Pudgy Wudgie heh I am gonna try to tend to the left over mess work from yesterday...I hope this crap ass weather goeas away am I supposed to be all happy if this weather blows goats ??? I'll be back later ....
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