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Wangusspaz00 (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2002 at 10:48pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Alien Ant Farm-Death Day
Subject: When It Comes.
Alas! Today started out grand..I was happy, fun, lively..Preferably I like school better than home...Home can get boring after a few hours..Not like I like school now or anything, I just like hangin' with my friends..Alas!(...Ahhahah..What a great word..)Hell..I need some New years resoulutions..

1.Use the word "Alas" more often in common day discussions.

2.Use the word "grand" more often.

3. Find CD case and CD's

4.DO NOT be all...Around anyone..Its time to speak up a tad bit more.

5.Be happy, glad, and dont hold things down, dont lock problems up..

Well their they..Enjoy...Alas! I feel that this grand post has to end.

"Don't be low, You better watch the road.
Don'be be low. You got the strength..and the balls"

When the time comes..I will fulfill my dreams.
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