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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2003 at 3:38am
Current mood: sad
Music: Bonnie Raitt
Subject: I will explain this all later
"A Year Has Past" ~ To Silly Goose
I wish I could understand what you feel
To be inside your head to comprehend
You are the one I love
My heart is weak
To turn back time to the better days
Where our hearts connected
Without you I feel like nothing
Like I have fallen backwards with nothing to catch me
I remember the goosebumps I got the first time we kissed
The warmth around my heart when you first said I Love You
I believed it
I am not strong enough to understand what has happened between us
Yet I am not willing to let you go
For you are the love within me
The moments I look forward to in my day
I close my eyes so tight when we kiss
For I never want to forget that moment
I wish I could capture it in a bottle so I would always have it
Each time you hold me I pray it wont be the last
The fear I have inside me that you will leave
That someone better will come along
We will no longer have the bond we share
For all the times I have said I am sorry
All the times I have shed a tear
The memories I can't let go
The memories I hope we can make
I yern for you to understand what is inside me
Maybe that way you could understand my pain
For you mean the world to me
Nothing on earth can change that
You are my best friend
My one and only
That I will love and cherish forever
ok so this was to woudla been our one year5-18-02 ooo wel...we have a great friendship goin on..the best I have ever had with anyone..he means the world to me and he knows it and I know I am special to him thats that...he came down friday and we spent the night was good just to sleep in his arms and nothing else..he left saturday afternoon and i went and got juli..we were gonna go tanning ...but we ended up goin to the store where I bought myself a digital video webcam for like 30 bux ...and I bought a lil Squirt toy....aww.aww..hes so cute...Finding Nemo is gonna anyway yea we did that than went to freehold mall...oh yea I went to the mall friday too and got a new LTJ shirt...nifty um yea stef juls and alex was fun..stef finally picked outa we could leave..then we hit up the checkers on 9 and went back and got stefs stuff for her to move today I went food shopping and whatnot and did the usual Sunday Queer as Folk with Eric and now stef and brad are sleeping on my couchbed...which is a NO NO I said she could live here...and its her first night and hes sleeping here...this is gonna cause trouble...I pay a lot of money to live here...and its not gonna be the place for them to hang out..ifhe comes over to see her fine...but to sleep here ...NOPE not fine...not unless I am asked!!! THIS IS MY PLACE >>>MY HOME>>>WHERE I PAY THE BILLS....ok so now I am heading off to sleepy land...bc I am exhausted...I will be back later with a better elaboration on this weekend..that is the shorthand version
Ta Ta
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