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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2003 at 11:19am
Current mood: energetic
Music: Coheed & Cambria~The Second Stage Turbine Blade~Time Consumer
Subject: I miss Bermuda... last night somehow Eric and I got on the topic of our vacation and how we want to go back..and I started all teary bc I will never be able to afford it with having this apartment...hopefully I get a raise...but Eric is serious about going back...and if I have to I will work overnights...bermuda was the top three of island I have been too...this time excursions those shits were a waste of time..this time I am soaking up the beach and what that island has to offer...I am gonna come home with 90 rolls of film lol...I am not kidding either...I will borrow my dads digital video cam this time so I can put all that shit right on the computer and send it to everyone...god I am in love with Coheed and Cambria <3 Claudio...
So yea last night I went into a yahoo punk chat and I hate it bc everyone always wants to view my cam for porn purposes and I bought just so ppl can see who there talkin to not to ask me to do foul things ..and I dont wanna see your penis either so please drive thru lol...and this kid from the army starts talking to me..his name is Jamie and hes from Orange County baby...hes a bit adorable too..he had be crackin up for like two hours...he said it was 7 am where he was...and it was 1 am here so he musta been east of us..bc west is subtracted from our time so it woulda been night time there...i guess maybe he is out over in the middle east still or something its kinda sad...he told me hes been there for 8 months now...the poor thing...but god bless him tho...lord knows I wouldnt be able to do it. So I brought my cam with me to work today this way I can leave here and go take some pix before it gets dark and really get hot shots of the sunset...ill record american idol and watch it when I get home...i said something to stef last night about brad ...the nerve of her..i said i really dont appreciate brad sleeping here..shes like he feel asleep i fell asleep whats the big deal...shes gonna be kicked out soon i tell ya that much...its my place...i pay the bills there...its my rules or find a new place to live...ask my permission for shit ...its MY place ugg ill be back ..mad phone calls ...its ringin off the hook here
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