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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2003 at 8:51pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: "Fill me up"-Staind-14 Shades Of Gray
Subject: =/
hi.. =/ ...well all i have to say is...ibeuprofin or h.e you spell kicks major @$$. im not quitw sure what was wrong with me..okay maybeb a little. moms been bugging me about it and naturally i dont wanna tell her about my social problems. my birthdays coming up as i must have mentions 50 times already, maybe even more just because i can. im STILL not sure what im doing..i want hen to come down here, thats one thing for sure. and i wanna see zane but i dont want him to fight with eddie. renee and kathy arent a problem..ashley and sam arent really either..i think they all can get along for a while. but anyway, those are my main people that i would want to spend my birthday with. so zane might come over around 1pm on friday, since we have no school and wotnot. im being forced to get up early even though its my birthday. we all might sneak into the movie, "Wrong Turn" With eliza dushku, because it comes out that day and ive been dying to see it. plus, my older sisters might be coming over so i guess well just have to see how all of that turns out.

today was kind of awkward. since the middle of 6th hour ive been really depressed and mellow all of a sudden. meds probably. but, that doesnt explain all of it. i went home, locked myself in my room, and listened to staind and cried for like an hour, coming out every once in a while to do household chores. oh the joy of that. i love the new staind album though, as with many of my other cd's, i can really relate to alot of the songs on the album.

right now im talking who zane, whos away at the moment....and watching i know what you did last summer, on the WB. old movie, but its still pretty good. afteralll, theyve only played it 10 million times on this station..whats the harm in that? : please note the terrible sarcasm.

you know what i just realized? i dont own a Manson shirt...i want one. =/ or a hoodie..thatd be pretty fancy just as well, even more so.

well i told myself this morning that iw ould write this in here, so here it goes, this one's for tara because i love her. "Fiducial"- There we go.

Sashas an asshole. if he touches me one more time im going to flip out on him and slam him up against the wall strangling him. what can i say? im a friendly kid. But honestly, hes always annoying me and im getting really tired of it. I was in a rage this afternoon after 6th hour in the hallway, he pushed me, and i almost tore his head off. Luckily for him kathy was there to cling to me and keep me from doing just that. It probably would have been funny though. I think i just might have scared Danni 'nd Sean though. Oh well, theyll get over it im sure.

well thats it, kathy just imed me so im gonna go. i hope i hear from eddie some time tonight because judging by what other people say,,,hes not the happiest person in the world with me right now and i have a feeling i know why. =/ Cant please everyone in the world all at once though. im out, goodnight.
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