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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2003 at 3:28pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Our Lady Peace~One Man Army
Subject: fuk windows media updates lol
yea so I had my whole post finished and I click finish on updaes bloopp restart yea sorry Ihave been slackin on here ..I promise I will post here...jill made this for me so I gotta....update on the weekend so far ...last nite my intentions were to get to bed EARLYhaha so unless 5am is early that didnt happen. I went around 1am to fridays with eric for a june bug...then came home updated and posted new pix on the lj and had the most wacked convo with this boy bobby...mistaken identity then we talked on the phone till 5 am and i just woke up about an hour ago dad keyed me up and i gotta go there bc i left some stuff there and they are totally outta the house now so if i dont go and get it i will most likely never see it again..its all like dressy dresses from bermuda ..then i gotta get stefs fishy that she left right now i am gonna make me a bagel and take a shower...peep the pix on the lj yall
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