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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2003 at 5:13pm
Subject: Tis the first day of summer. Doesnt feel like it but whatever.
Congratulations you are a fat tree! You like to eat
alot dont you? Well good for you! Eat as much
as you bloody like

What kind of tree are you? Come on i know you really wanna know
brought to you by Quizilla

Ya know, that quiz is actually right on target with something I wanted to tell you guys. I'm going to start jogging around my block every single morning. No, Mia, I dont want you to come becuase I just like...need to do this on my own and at my own pace. That's ok, right? You can do your own jog, I know you already have one. :) I'm just tired of people (*AHEM* dad) telling my I need to lose weight and stop being so lazy. I want to look the way I feel inside. Confident. I really dont care too much what other people think, but dad gets to your head eventually so...yeah.

Mia and Josh are so adorable. He was at her party last night which was extremely fun. I had a good time, I hope she did too. Although why on earth was Jesse all over him the way she was? I dont like it. Although Whitney says she was kinda going for James too, so maybe she's just trying to get herself a guy. But ya know whatever. Not my problem, its kinda more of Mia's problem, although if Jesse does get Josh to do something evil with her rather than Mia, it will be my problem. It was so nice being able to surprise her like that. So yes, for her birthday Josh says he is taking her to dinner and a movie of her choice. We discussed it last night (I hope she didnt mind me focusing on it like that, but I want her to be able to go on this date, I want it to work) and so yeah I'm thinking the plan is we go somewhere (Dont know where yet) and Mia bring me and Josh brings "J" (James, Josh calls him J) and then James and I can go to whatever and Mia and Josh can go do whatever. Although theirs is a date and me and James is just like...yeah me and James. Wouldnt that be weird/cool if Mia was dating Josh and I, James? It would be friends dating best friends. Well, at least we'd never get bored, right? Right. So yeah ummm...I believe that is all for now. Just had to get a few thoughts out. Poor Mia and I are both on our periods so we poor dears are in no mood to do anything. So. I'll just be sitting here bored for a while, and then I'll call her on her new cellular phone, because she wants me to and she knows she likes talking to me. Oh yeah. So anyways. Bye.

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