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xcherrycherrysx (profile) wrote,
on 06-25-03 at 10:21pm
no way dood...
im not mad you decided to stay with ray i wanted you to.. remember "maybe hes just buttraped in sum alley somewhere run over by a car??" i wanted you to keep your faith or w/e.. i dunno what word im looking for.. but anyways alli wanted was for YOU to make the decision i didnt want you to base everything on what other people said . and i kno i was being a bitch earlier .. i dunno why.. and im sorry but im just a loser.. and thats the way it goes.. i hope you can forgive me because you mean the most to me in this world and i just like.. was stupid... so again im sorry, and im glad YOU made a decision based on YOUR feelings i couldnt be happier for you .. specially since i love that crazy bastard.. who just whips out his penis at any given moment lol.. well i prolly shouldnt keep you waiting in that wee tiny IM box any longer.. later bro <3 Erin 143
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