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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 06-25-03 at 10:37pm
dont worry about it bro..ive been there,lol..just got over the periodating..hmmm...::raises eyebrow and winks at ray:: lol...yeah i kno i luv dat crazy bastard too, yeah u KNO hes packin, lol. i miss him alot though.. =( i hope everythings okay, and i really hope im making the right decision because i feel pretty confident about it..but you know how i can get when im all with the mixed emotions and whatnot..i guess anything can happen, but! well see! and AGAIN its alright shh go to sleep! ::pets your hair:: i was just so worried that u were upset , i thought u just figured i didnt care about your advice! but alas i deed! reheeelli! you mean sooooo much to me pal! rehelli! i love you THIS much! ::throws the world at you:: ...oops... wells you must come down again on like friday if we can work something out cus gesh what! danny and jules and ivan are gonna be there on friday and saturday night! whoop whoop! wells im gonna go ur'a blinkin! lol, wuv you! xoxox 477 byes! -Stephanie
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