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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 03-05-02 at 9:49pm
Well, shit you know me and women. I know about as much as you do. Women are made to pleasure and then kill. That is my own little analogy of women. But anyways yeah I have been in the same spot with the going to ask and then seeing them with their b/f. Been there,done that,kicked my own ass. That's the way that it works I guess. Oh well. I would have to say if you like to box then keep at it if you are tired of then I would say keep at it for a little while just to make sure that this isn't just a dry spell because no matter what it is that you do you will get dry spells where you just want to hang it up. I know that I have been there and kick myself in the ass a lot about it. Oh well, I'm out because this looks like another journal entry and if I wanted to do that then I would go write in my own. Later!
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