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hartrend (profile) wrote,
on 07-31-02 at 10:22am
...? uh huh... k... i've noticed a WHOLE lot of completely unacceptable behavior on this site too.. oh wait a sec, NO I HAVEN'T, dude usually i don't reply to a whole lot of journals, but WTF are you talking about? you think gunney has never sworn in his life, or even heard it, sure you probbaly shouldn't write about me do'n your mom last night, but thats besides the point, not a whole lot of peeps get down and dirty with this site, and where would it be without all of the bitching and complaining. Lets face it, if people didn't break up or if everybody were to have a great day everyday, gunneys site wouldn't exist. I don't know about everybody else but i come here to get a little venting out, if i wanna vent i'm going to.
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