Anonymous wrote,
on 09-04-03 at 3:48am
WOw.. i didnt think you'd post part of our convo on there. i am very flattered that u did that. hehe. But what i said i meant. If it was'nt for a handful of people right now I would'nt be doing good, in fact id be doing worse. But You are a very special person and you hold a place in my shattered, regged heart. I'ts like how my bro said. "your specially receptive of other people's feelings when your down" and its true. I understand people's feeling alot better while im down. So if u ever wanna smoke a cig, walk a walk , or just sit back let it ur grief out me and danny are here for you. If those assholes are giving you a hard time, or someone's spreading rumors and what not fuck em man and dust yourself off and surround yourself with people who care and love you.

Just here,
Jorge Villalobos.
P.s. bonfire coming soon call me up or remind me. hehe .. later.
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