Anonymous wrote,
on 09-08-03 at 2:53am
This might cheer you up... so I went to go do my laundry and I took off the clothes I had on and stuff b/c they were dirty obviously... but of course I took everything out except for my money... so I go down an hour later and my stuff's in the washer, and I take out a couple things, and here's 5 dollars coming out of my pocket... a dollar in a pair of underwear... some more dollar bills mixed in with the socks... I laundered my money (it smells clean, woohoo).... anyway, it's almost 3 in the morning (it's the only time that I could get a free dryer) But I figured I'd note you and tell you that I think that you and Sam need to spend ur 6 month together... hopefully he'll see that it means a lot to you and spend the day with you... hopefully. Cheer up emo kid and keep a smile on.

For now,
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