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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-03 at 6:29am
i feel kinda guilty cuz i didn't really even know that Tom existed last year. He was just some random friend of BenoƮt's that hung out at the tree after school and lived a few houses away...i had no idea before summer started that i'd be dating him in the near future.

I have really no say in this argument, except to say that i've seen the relationships in this group...and when someone dates another person in the group then breaks up w/ them there seems to be a mass outbreak of hurt and hatred and whatnot...but that's just my "i'm really hyper right now cuz i had too much sugar" and "i'm too depressed to think" (that un's from last year) observations.

if you find someone you like and they like you, go for it! Don't care about the restrictions of the group....ok, i'm done.
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