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DragonSpeaker (profile) wrote,
on 10-26-03 at 7:00pm
Festival ROCKED!

Who do ya love?
a.) Izzy's mom!
b.) ATL!

Good job tricking the freshies, hahaha. That's so funny that they asked AJ of all people. Of course he'd trick them! I was SO surprised that Lerner went along with it though. O.O Whoa. He earned points in my book with that, and with the way he handled yesterday's rain insanity. I thought it was hailing by the sounds on my hat, but I wasn't sure... hehe. The improvised marimba stuff this year should be the beginning of some new ATL traditions, like adding a new shoelace every so often- or a new backpack string. ^_~

This entry is definitely going on my memories list. ^_^
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