Anonymous wrote,
on 10-28-03 at 7:46pm
Hello Amelia..! I figured since I was all snoopy in Lauren's journal I might as well come bother you too..! Yay..! *botherbotherbother* ^^ I'm totally out of the loop on your personal life (we totally have to get together sometime..!) but...I don't think you should give up on Julius..! The will of a maiden's heart is strong..! Your someone just for you is hopefully not too far away..! *huggles* (Coming from a girl whose eyes are constantly glazed over with ponderings/wonder/desire and whose heart is eating her from the inside out...ouch o_x;;) I need to be supportive about boys for some reason...I suppose it's a comfort zone...meh. (That and wait, not penguins..! That's a step backwards..! Why does he love penguins..?! *weeps*) ^^; Weeell, enough of me rambling like a moron, (I have frightened you, no..? ^^) hehe..mata ne..!

+ elizabeth..! +
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