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jennapie (profile) wrote,
on 10-09-02 at 9:08am
i know what you mean because I stopped telling her things because if she has anything good to tell she will, especially if the person she is telling is more popular than her. I t really bugs me. My sister's don't need to know everything about me but if I tell dani anything if my older sister Stacey talks to her she will just blurt it out because she wants to be popular too. Even though she says that she doesn't. and when my sister's are around she completely changes her attitude towards me. being all sarcastic and rude to me like everything i say is stiupid, like she is so much more mature than I am, and everyone knows that Dani is not very mature. I sort of know how you feel now that i think about it. Well anyways I still hope things get patched up between you guys soon. See you at play practice!
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